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2013 Demo Reel (2:17)

Edit by: Joshua Wagner

M83-Steve McQueen (3:49)

Edit By: Danny Garcia

Ke'Shay Love - Breathless (5:42)

Directed By: Young Age

Love in an INSTAnt (5:17)

Directed By: Gabrielle Collins

Fallen Brothers Teaser (1:07)

Directed By: Joshua Wagner

Sleight Of Hand (2:38)

Directed By: TickelishCollarbone

Shoot Up - Teaser (1:01)

Directed By: Joshua Wagner

Kung-Fu Bartender (2:12)

Directed By: Cruz Kim

Do Work (:22)

Directed By: Eric From The Future

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All That Jazz

Photographer: Miguel Blazquez Model: Ke'Shay Love & Eric Steven Perez