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My First Letter to Humanity: Tree of Life

I am but a humble traveler making my way through the cosmos. Through the miracle of life I ended up here, Earth. A beautiful, wondrous place, filled with infinite love and beauty. More specifically on location I ended up in South San Francisco, the center for World Peace.

Raised by wonderful parents who enstilled core Universal values such as Respect, Honesty, Hard Work, Appreciation and most importantly Love, have given me the tools and opportunities to live a happy, successful life. With these experiences and lessons I have encountered, I hand my knowledge to you.

My time on this planet has been brief, a mere 30 odd years and yet I have barely scraped the surface of what this glorious place has to offer. In all its brilliance, she is beauty. You can truly spot it everywhere. In nature, the jungles, the desserts, in cities, the concrete jungles, the construction, the destruction, in people, in animals, in plants, in energy, theres beauty in it all, it's vibrant.

You and only You must find it. It is your duty. It is your responsibility as a Human Being to open yourself up to beauty and love as it is the ONLY thing we know is true. Life has a tendancy to make individuals hard, when it should make you strong.

The mighty oak in all her beauty can stand the strongest winds, solid, never breaking. But as the soft winds come the lovely sound of her heart escapes through her leaves as she elegantly sways with the breeze. Be the Oak.

You can be the strength to withstand the fury, but no need to be the fury. Be kind. Smile Often. Love.

In the very near future there will be more post with less cryptic messages as I get the hang of writing these things. haha! I look forward to our journey together my friends.



Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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