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Teach Them Well.

Ok, ok..So I'm finally putting this this out into the Universe,

I believe it shall be called:

The Truth and Wellness Program for Children of the World.

The goal is to teach children how to find a way to find their way

A program designed to be interworked into an updated eduactional cirriculum for all children entering Middle School throughout High School aimed on providing corses in the following categories: Sustainability: One & the All, Health and Wellness & Media/Tech Education.

Sustainability ALL Courses will include but not limited to:

Classes designed to spark the interest in programs that are beneficial to the Earth's well being. (ie: Building with recyclable materials. Development of Green, Eco-Friendly Materials and Technologies. Smart Agriculture, Climate Study, Electronics, Green Waste Management, Mass Transit, Water Purification the list can go on and on). Those few that I mentioned are programs that can be branched out to help Eradicate problems such as homelessness, by creating easily built homes and living quarters out of recyclables or sustainable materials across the globe. No person shall go hungry or without water ever again if we taught Organic Agriculture, Climate Study and Water Education and Purification Courses. Lets do it.

Health and Wellness Courses will include but no limited to:

A Nutrition Course designed to offer students an insight into their own body type, so that they can develop healthy food management specific to their own being.

Meditation, Stretching and Movement Course designed to get intune with entire body,

Time and Stress Management.

(These courses will be headed by Qualified Counselors who are able to connect with the students to create a safe environment as Parents will be heavily included as well (you bring a kid into this world, take responsibility for that child. That means the health and well being of that innocent child is in your hands until that child becomes an adult and can make it's own decisions. It takes a village..)

Media/Tech Education Course is geared around teaching a healthy way to view and understand Media and all forms of it, Music, Film & Television, Literature and the InterWebs etc. Social Media Education and Outreach programs aimed to help the prevention of cyber bullying and other lewd or unlawful behavior. This will be a way to really look at what trending or what's not trending and break it down to the root of what it is: entertainment, not real life.

Not everything I see on TV is Real. Not everything I read in the Papers, Magazines, Books or On-line is the Truth.

It is our responsibility to show them the way and help them locate their inter-truths and we can do that with guidance and a whole lotta love..

Sustainability ONE:

How do you take what you have learned and apply it to the outside world?

In Sustainability ONE, upcoming graduates will learn the tools to properly function in the real world, and how to take care of number ONE, you.

We will teach how to:

(The following is taken from my friend Jessica Gueco, this FB post that was a big part of the inspiration to write this piece!)

things high school or college should have taught us:

1) how to do your damn taxes 2) buying/leasing a car/home - what are the benefits of either 3) the downsides of having a credit card 4) importance of credit 5) health insurance - wtf do you mean I haven't met my deductible? why did I just get a bill?! 6) how long it actually takes to pay off a student loan and why its important to get good grades so you aren't spending the next 10 years paying off a ridiculous loan when you could have gotten a scholarship