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The Inception Of An Epic

Friends of the Universe I've written my first full length Screen Play.

In 2004 I had a thought come to me while I was in class one day at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I had the idea to not only Write a Western Film, Direct and Co-Star in it as well (I say 'co-star' because in this film, everyone is the star, cast AND crew)

I wrote this idea down on a peice of paper while in my editing class and put it in one of my Acting books. That note stayed tucked in that book for a very long time.

Fast Forward.

In August 2010, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my Acting career.

After a few months of couch surfing and sleeping in my Chevy Blazer I finally found my own place in Hollywood. I decided to bring down my old books from college which were at my folks house in the Bay Area to give my new appartment a bit of pizzazz and add to the decorum. Plus it fit the theme haha!

Anyhoo while I was moving in to my new digs, the book fell to the floor and the way the next few moments developed was seriously something out of a movie. Cut To::

The acting book, having a slick shiny cover, slowly began to fall off the top of the stack of books I was carrying in my hands. I lifted my knee and contorted my stomach to prevent the book from falling but it continued to slide off the stack. Since my leg was raised to catch the book, the trajectory of the falling object was in direct path of my knee, which when it had hit, exploded open as if suddenly hit by a wind turbine. A piece of paper whisk out of the cold, dark pages that havent seen the light of day in ages. The draft of the falling book created an up swing in the air and twirls the paper dramatically into a backflip. In slow motion, like a feather falling from the heavens, the paper sways back and forth returning to Earth, gently landing on the floor. Directly in a beam of sun, the paper is illuminated by the light shooting in from the window just behind my shoulder.

The paper, in all of it's luminescence, catches my eye. I know what it is.. I remember.

I go to pick up the paper and just as I had suspected it was my note to write a Western.

Well, for another four years I sat on that note. I wrote maybe a sentance or two regarding the film but other than that, nada.

One fateful night in June of 2014, my father and I were talking to eachother, recalling the day, sharing some stories when he mentioned an incident that involved him, his brothers and his father. This story was flat out amazing. I mean I really couldnt believe what I was hearing but I knew it was all completely true, which blew my mind.

Inspiration struck.

My fathers story was the spark I needed to lite the fire, which in turn fueled my imagination to finally finish this script. And let me tell you its EPIC.

I set a goal for myself to have a first draft completed by October 31, Halloween. I didn't hit that goal, but I didn't give up either.

I kept going, kept pushing..

On December 14, 2014 the First Draft of my script was completed. Here We Are.

Now we make it.

Updates To Follow. Please Stay Tuned.

Thank you all, Sincerely.


-Eric Steven Perez

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