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More Thought Bubbles..

What is Being?


noun be·ing \ˈbē(-i)ŋ\

: a living thing

: the state of existing

Humans are Beings, Animals are Beings Too. Let's all just BE together in Peace and Love in Harmony

(That includes Alien Beings as well)

That is All.


this thought actually happened twice to me but I was playing golf with My Dad and our friend Dave Byron. I was up at the tee. I lined up my shot. I pulled back slowly on my backswing and unleashed fury on the ball. The sound was so intense from the collision, it echoed throughout valley.

Dave Byron turns to me and says: " DId you hear that??? The Earth Became Deathly Silent right before you hit that ball, it was f**king brilliant, deathly silent man, crazy!" That made me feel awesome, mainly because as I hit that ball, I was thinking the same excact thing! That was pretty wild. Super awesome.


No one should strike anyone in anger.

Heal. Being Healed is a State of Mind.


There is always a way.


Learn From Your Elders, your peers. Your brothers and sisters the sun and the stars. Learn from everything, there is a lesson in all.


Happy New Years Universe! Sending LOVE!


I love when I go outside for the first time of my day I can't help but look to the sky, blow some kisees and send off a few salutes to the world in grattitude for the beauty all around us. My neighbors must think I'm loco.. haha


Look Up, what do you see?


World Water Day #LoveWater Global Meditation


We live in a world were no person should be without food, water, clothing and shelter.


Energy is Everything

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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