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Extra Sensory Productions

Good Evening World, I come bearing wonderful news that excites me and scares me at the same time (in a good way of course) Extra Sensory Productions LLC. has been birthed.

On National Pie Day, the official documents were put in order. I have traveled great distances with-in my mind, as well as further lengths by walking this earth, only to come to the realization: this path I have chosen in the entertainment industry, will be to provide the wonderful people of this planet with positive content that brings light to the beauty of humanity.

Not only it is my duty as a filmmaker to provide the Universe with conscious content but it is my duty to give back and create art that brings forth change in a positive manner.

Extra Sensory Productions is that beacon of hope for future film, music and media endeavors.

Everything begins with an idea, the thought, that initial spark to get things going. Extra Sensory Productions not only provides the spark for positively reinforced creativity, but ignites the flame to rally like-minded individuals to produce a beautifully choreographed work of art and purity. When we all work together, dreams come true.

We at Extra Sensory Productions realize the power behind filmmaking, music and media.

A man once said: "With Great Power, Comes Greater Responsibility" -Uncle Ben

With love and admiration for the craft of film, Extra Sensory Productions creates hope and inspiration and sparks motivation by reaching you beyond the senses, in a responsible manner. Our consultations will guide your next endeavor to the furthest of heights not only with you in mind, but your clients in mind as well to maximize everyone’s experience.

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work"

With Love,

Let’s make it Happen!

Eric Steven Perez


Extra Sensory Productions LLC.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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