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The Matriarch

It's been exactly one year since my grandmother has passed and not a day has not gone by where I haven't been reminded of you and I am so blessed and thankful for that. From the memories that often appear in my visions, the conversations I have with you in my head, the constant physical representations of you that grace my presence each day:

The sight of the beautiful family you've raised, the home that you've built from your love and strength. The trink...ets I carry for protection as a reminder that you will always be by my side. What can I say, I miss you gramma, more than you'll know, (you probably do know) but these memories I hold dear, now and forever, till the day we are once again reunited and I can snuggle up next to you and throw on an old episode of Bonanza.

I miss it. I miss your hands. Your laugh. The way you'd answer the phone. Driving around South City in the station wagon. A lifetime of memories fly by each time I stop and think of you. All happy thoughts, all great stories, the truest of wisdom from one of the strongest women I have ever known (the other being my Mother, your daughter) the epitome of strength and courage, you will forever be the rock this family looks towards because the legacy you've left will forever be etched in history.

I find it trippy that there's millions of celebrating today, in my mind I switched it around to be a celebration of your life because you deserve it! Here's to you Gramma! the Matriarch! Thank you for watching over us!

Shirley Ann Aragona 12/26/26-4/20/14 Rest In Paradise 👼

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