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Narrative Clip 2

A few months back I had the very distinct pleasure of working with an awesome team of professionals from the Narrative Clip 2 Company based out of Sweden. Here is an excerpt from their website explaining their Vision:

"Our lives consist of both ordinary and special moments, all worth capturing and remembering. Even when it’s not completely obvious, there’s something to everyone’s life worth capturing - something we all find joy and wonder in reflecting upon.

Narrative helps people preserve and organize their memories so they can easily remember and share their own story. The simple, the mundane, the hilarious, the sad, the laughs - all moments matter. Narrative empowers you to live a life that matters, where you can capture, relive and share the moments that matter - because you matter."

When I was introduced to the company I was blown away when I was told that the original concept of the camera was to give patients with Alzheimer’s the ability to recap their day through photos in order to aid against the battle of memory loss. A brilliant concept to me and it was an immediate honor to be given the opportunity to work alongside such a good group of individuals. To May Charters and your team, a very special Thank you.

For More information on this awesome camera please visit

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