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The DJ Saved My Life

Tonight I was blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to film a small segment

for three of the most talent individuals ever to touch turntables.

Rhettmatic, Shorkut, and the Magnificent Dj Jazzy Jeff graciously provided a blend off a variety of sounds to fully reguvinate my faith in Music. I don't go out too often, I mentioned in a previous post about the quality of music as of late has been registering at a lower vibration and I don't resonate on that frequency, so I tend to stay indoors or at least try to frequent areas where I now the music will be half way bearable. In social settings, I have found music to be essential and at times be the influencer on how an event flows.

Tonight was different, I mean three of the meanest Dj's on the planet are going to be in the same building.So why not? Right? My good friend, Producer, Director, Agent, Extraordinaire, the homie Mr. Rome Digs said to come through if I had the itch to get out.

Well ladies and gents, tonight I had the itch and boy did it get scratched.

I've drifted away from music all together in the past few weeks because I seem to be listening to the same playlist over and over.

Tonight, however, I was gifted a plethora of music that I haven't heard in years and blessed with new sounds as well to get down to.

And to have it all mixed so eloquently.. Ahh. My soul satisfied.

Music is very much alive and well.

It runs through the veins down through the fingertips of great Djs like this who refuse to let it die.

This is art.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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