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Staying Grounded in the Jungle

I was doing a little thinking last night after receiving a bit of direction about where this blog is actually going. My buddy Rome and I were going over all of my post thus far and although fairly sporadic they all do have commonalities.

Now it’s time to develop those commonalities and weave those threads.

After careful consideration I have come to the realization that the intent of this blog is for the sole purposes of giving a positive outlook for you to stay "Grounded in the Jungle".

And for those of you not familiar with the phrase "In The Jungle" I use it referring to being in the unknown.

The unknown is a mysterious place.

It can be difficult to navigate in the unknown and one can be easily misguided.

Well this blog intends to shine a light into the unknown to help you on your way.

"The Jungle" in this particular case is referring to the Film Industry.

This blog illustrates my journey as an artist to remain positive and humbly grounded in an extremely intimidating and for lack of a better term "cut-throat" field that's not easily penetrated.

To remind you of why artist like myself do what we do:

Not for the fame, not for a paycheck, for the beauty.. The message.. The Love.

To navigate you to envision the brighter side of life and the beauty that you are immersed in at this very moment.

To assist in finding the nuances that can easily turn any situation into a beautiful and magical experience.

That is my mission. That is the true intent of this Blog.

To be a part of a the global change for peace and prosperity for all, to coexist in a world of love and compassion for not only ourselves but for our Mother Earth is a vision I believe in.

I want to see this in my lifetime.

It has already begun.

Welcome to the Future.

I give to you the BAYlien Chronicles: The Life and Times of Eric from the Future


Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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