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The Edward Scissorhands Connection

* I stumbled upon these notes I wrote down one evening January 5, 2013 and decided to share them with you today* Trippy.

Hey everybody, first off I would like to start off by saying that I hope this letter finds u well :)

Last night I watched Edward ScissorHands.. I would like to take a closer look at this wonderful film..

So here we have Edward, this kind hearted, gentle creature full of talent and peace in his heart. The only contact he has had with a human is a lovely experience with his creator who taught him empathy and love. In exile he learns to live and create with the tools that were given to him. Tools of which might not be of the average norm. By chance, some curiosity, this kind hearted soul is thrust into modern human lifestyle. He is taken in by a loving quirky family with a gentle rock at the core, the mother.

In this household I believe that Edward could have survived within the comfort of those walls but then again who wants to be stuck behind four walls? Then you have to think if he would be better off living back by himself up at the castle. Then again who wants to be limited to a Castle? I interject. Edward is thrown into the lion’s den of modern society. Immediately judged and frowned upon.

How dare they?

This is a perfect example of how negativity can spread and direct reflection of modern day society.

We take this being who, in this case, has scissors for hands. Might be scary at first glance for some, but the lady said he was cool. Why not take her word for it? If that's the case, then, let’s ask this guy politely “what's his story?” I mean honestly, if you ever seen someone with a Ginsu set for fingers, I'd be intrigued, wouldn’t you?

I’ll continue. Edward unveils his talent after a short adjustment to suburban living and is immediately tossed into the limelight. Here come the opportunist. The snakes, the sharks, the ones who want to make a quick buck off of someone else's livelihood. Brainwashing soon occurs, negative elements surround this innocent creature. Why? Why could they just have accepted him and let him find his place on this earth. Why couldn't they let him bring joy and happiness to people around him by way of his artistic abilities? Who knows where he could have risen to and who he could have paid it forward to along the way? Who are we as society to rob any one of that? Who are we to judge?

The point I’m raising here: Just be people, and let people be.

We took this wonderful, untainted creature who had a beautiful opportunity to shine his light and be witness to beauty, crushed his spirit, demoralized his character, slandered his name because why!?! Our own insecurities? Our own fears?

Edward, this gentle being, we pushed him, and pushed him, and pushed him, into this primal animalistic outburst that ultimately led to the cutting off of the ballerina hedges' leg, the slashing of tires and not to mention the fatal stabbing of Kevin the jerk boyfriend that should have had his ass handed to him as a young adolescent by his mommy and daddy. (or guided in a proper direction, I myself don’t hit)

In my mind I believe there is a direct parallel between the acts of violence to Edward and the acts of violence human beings face daily. I wouldn't want to offend anybody personally by using an Edward ScissorHand reference in dealing with real life. But u have to admit, there are some parallels. And it's unfortunate that there are.

Because I see it that way

Here's where I propose the change.

The call to action.

We as a society are fed up, we need to work together for some common goal.

I want this to take place on a global level, it's going to take some patience and organization.

(Quick note: Global Level Goal- World Peace, think it over later, but think it over)

Since it’s going to take some time to effect the entire world, lets start a little closer to home.

In my 29 years on this planet I've learned one very important thing a few months ago.


I've come to a point in my life where I am fed up. I'm tired of not getting what I want and it's time to get it. So SPEAK the up. Firm, politely and respectfully of course. We need to move forward. As a people, as the Human Race. Everyone is entitled to have emotions but we must learn to step back from the situation to let the emotions settle to calmly discuss a solution.

Remember this is a team effort, we are all living under the same roof, look up! Same Sky! Most importantly remember that you are not alone! If you think you are alone, you're not!! When you reach the age of adulthood, you and you alone make the choices and decisions that affect your life.

First things First: Stop the pity party. I guarantee there is someone on this planet suffering in this very moment 100 times worse off then you. So let that sink in for a second. There are over 6 billion people on this planet, wouldn’t it be nice if we all were on the same page to make it equally livable and prosperous for all of us?

Second: Accept was cannot be changed and change what can!!

I realized a few things in getting to that point. All relationships where put under the microscope during this discovery. I had to examine my TEAM. Who was currently on my team? Who do I need on my team? Who was in my corner already and are the people that I have in my life important and positive enough to keep them there?

This is a serious moment in one’s life. To actively asses all of your relationships on this planet is a heavy task. To do so without judgement, is a heavier one. But it must be done. Energy transfers from human to human and the more you surround yourself with negative people, you’ll find that you tend to fall in line with that train of thought.

This journey in the past year had not been easy. But the less drama the better. Who needs it? It only slows us down and holds us back from moving forward.

There has been a lot of soul searching. I have lost and gained teammates but that is a part of life, the ones who matter and the ones who are most beneficial to maintain, love and happiness during your journey to enlightenment will make the most effort to stay in your life.

Third: Pay attention to everything and follow the signs.

The signs are everywhere, you just have to look. Feel everything. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Trust yourself and let go.

Forth: Take Responsibility for your Actions.

I've had to take a long hard look at a lot of aspects of my life to figure out some s**t. And gosh it was exhausting, but I’ll tell u what, mentally & spiritually I've never felt better.

During this process I have learned to take accountability and total responsibility for my words and actions. By doing so, I’ve felt so free. I guarantee it brings clarity. The 'what if' is taken out of the scenario, leaving you in the now to be present with your counterparts and enjoy everything that you do.

Fifth: Look at the glass half FULL, ALWAYS.

Try it. Try to find the silver lining in every situation and know that you have the power to conquer all.

Just remember to breathe during tense situations and step away if you have to. Respectfully ask for some chill time and remember the big picture: the glass is half full! If everyone is on the same page creative solutions arise and become simple to discuss.


Back to the word team.. The moment you're born, say hi to your team. You cannot trade your players, trust me we've all tried. Hahaha! Your family is part of your team.

Team is a huge word in my vocab right now so I apologize if I use it a bunch. So one more time TEAM.

How do championships get won? How do some of the greatest stories ever told become reality? When a group of people can put aside simple differences to work together for one common goal, that’s how.

Isn’t that a simple concept? Now let’s start working together to win.

If we quickly take a look at the really, really big picture, we’re all essentially on the same team and the common goal is World Peace. (Remember I brought that up earlier ;)

By all means I'm not trying to give therapy lessons for you and your loved ones.. Absolutely not. lol. We’ve all got issues it’s just how we deal with them. And I know we are not all perfect and that the beauty of it. Different types of people, different, unique personalities overcoming the odds, hoisting glory over their heads.

It's possible for all of us to feel that way.

We must take the time to learn each other and build a support structure within the family.

Care for one another and know that through thick and thin we will work through anything.

If we communicate with each other on a level where emotion is held at bay for the purpose of reaching a common goal, progress will be achieved.

Now back to the common goal. World Peace.

Every one of us has dreams and aspirations, hobbies and interest, likes and loves.

We should integrate those aspects into our daily lives. Always be involved with something you love. Whether it's art, music, reading, cooking, family, learning, working out, fishing, whatever, reward yourself with that. Do what you love that and your team will support you. In doing what you love and not for money, you make the world a better place. If you happen to make money for doing what you love, then jackpot!

Don't spread yourself too thin though. I am a master of putting irons in the fire, just ask my mom. She is an amazing support system, she is an amazing woman. My whole team is amazing, and I think this past holiday season has pushed us to the door of possibility and I truly believe that we don’t feel like knocking anymore, we are gonna kick that b***h down and make those possibilities a reality.

Now just some words of wisdom:

Take charge.

Prioritize everything, learn to manage your day to maximize productivity. And don't stress yourself out either. If life happens to get in the way, that's just it, life happens! Enjoy it while we are here.

I've noticed that it gets pretty hard to complete anything or have any sense of accomplishment when u have a ton of projects looming overhead. To enjoy this life I’ve learned not to burn the candles on both ends.

Focus, focus, focus. Like I said I've had a serious crash course in self-discovery lately and what I'm learning about myself is that when you are involved with too many things it becomes difficult to focus your energy and it becomes easy to lose sight of that. Always keep your eyes on the prize! See the big picture. Stay vigilant in everything you do. Prioritize what is important and what needs to be taken care of now so that you can be free in the future..

If r extremely blessed and already have a clean slate, congrats, you don't have to read any further I’ll jump to the end for you. Just believe in what you want, keep it playing in your subconscious and work together with your team towards a common goal of peace happiness and the betterment of you and your entire family.

Some backstory:

I’ll tell you a little about myself. I'm a 29 year old aspiring actor from South San Francisco CA, now living in Los Angeles to pursue my career in acting. And yes I am a bartender. Typical right? Yep, I was and still kind of am that guy..

I mean as of today January 5, 2013 I'm still bartending. I've had one hell of a roller coaster life, I’ll try to get thru it quick. High school all American type guy. Starting QB, ASB president, Acted in the plays, loved to party type guy. Graduated, didn't like college went to work at Costco instead. Worked in the tire shop for 2+ years, crazy stories there, met one of my best friends started club promoting and living the party life.

During this time I became a bartender. This all started around 19ish btw.. Shhh, don't tell anyone, who cares.. Lol. Around that age I was 6ft 156lbs slightly scrawny but in shape, Ha. Anyways I’ll stop my Al Bundy moment and continue... During the time of my promoter days (even crazier stories btw) I blew up to 260lbs of sexy beast, not really, more like sweaty beast. Let’s face it, I was fat. I shaved my beard to give my chin and neck some sort of definition. I let myself go and didn't even care. I'm dead serious, I don't give a s**t about s**t. All I wanted to do was have a good time, party and I did.

Did I hurt people along the way? Absolutely. Intentionally? Never. Do I look back now and wish it was different? To be honest I used to, now I embrace what has happened to me and by embracing I have learned from it. For years I destroyed my body with alcohol and bad diet. I had zero regard for myself not because of any particular reason, till this day I think it was just because I liked to party. I just didn't know how to balance.

The 'Go Hard Or Go Home' mentality will make you end up at Seaton Hospital in Daly city with a gang of unprofessional nurses jamming a valve directly to your heart because they damaged all the veins in your arm. Yeah, true story. “Go Hard or Go Home” gets you a nice bout of pancreatitis and shuts down a few of the ol’ organs for a sec ultimately leading to the removal of my gal bladder which failed during the attack. Sucks right? Lol.

God only knows what I put my parents through. (Shaking my head)

Fast Forward to January 5th 2013, I’m 6 years sober from alcohol, I live a healthy life style, lost 100lbs and am in the best shape of my life!

That's my story though, everyone has one and no one story is more important than the other. The one thing I've noticed about every story that is ever told is that there is always, and I mean always a chance for redemption. By no means do I feel that I am Rocky Balboa running up the steps with my hands in the air. No effin way, I just put on my running shoes if you know what I mean. This journey of mine has only just begun. I feel that I've learned something important.

A spark went off and I decided to write, where this is coming from I only wonder.

But I hope it can bring some sort of positive direction for you and yours.

It's 3:07 in the am and I think I might be running out of steam.

Edward ScissorHands has played in the background twice now and two times I've looked up to see:

1. Where he was cutting the ice angel and she comes out and twirls in the snow. There's a quick shot of him in the background on the ladder angrily slicing at the sculpture wildly releasing his frustrations out on the ice creating this brilliant image of the woman he longs for, his angel, to bring him home. Even with negativity pressuring down on him from every angle, every corner of the universe he never lost his heart.

My thoughts from this image:

Search deep within to find what makes you happy. Explore every possibility. You were given a life, it is yours to do with as you please. You have a choice. You can change any given circumstance regarding your own life. It might feel uncomfortable but from that brings new beginnings. Don't be afraid, as long as you have peace love and happiness in your heart your world with start to mirror that image.

Ok I have been going on tangents..

Back to the second time I looked up to see the movie:

Here sits Edward, broken in the darkness.. His heroine enters.. They talk, they try hastily to remedy an escalated situation regarding the unfavorable townspeople.

Enter Kevin, the douchebag ex-boyfriend of Winona..

He beats the up the innocent Edward then pulls a Mayweather on poor little Lydia from BeetleJuice..

Really though, you think you’re NOT about to get STABBED?? Umm he has SCISSORS for HANDS bro.. Don't bring a 2x4 to a SCISSORHAND fight dummy.. and NEVER HIT A WOMAN! Ha!

Be cool people. That's all I got right now.

Peace Love and Happiness to you all.

img source:

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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