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The Edward Scissorhands Connection

* I stumbled upon these notes I wrote down one evening January 5, 2013 and decided to share them with you today* Trippy.

Hey everybody, first off I would like to start off by saying that I hope this letter finds u well :)

Last night I watched Edward ScissorHands.. I would like to take a closer look at this wonderful film..

So here we have Edward, this kind hearted, gentle creature full of talent and peace in his heart. The only contact he has had with a human is a lovely experience with his creator who taught him empathy and love. In exile he learns to live and create with the tools that were given to him. Tools of which might not be of the average norm. By chance, some curiosity, this kind hearted soul is thrust into modern human lifestyle. He is taken in by a loving quirky family with a gentle rock at the core, the mother.

In this household I believe that Edward could have survived within the comfort of those walls but then again who wants to be stuck behind four walls? Then you have to think if he would be better off living back by himself up at the castle. Then again who wants to be limited to a Castle? I interject. Edward is thrown into the lion’s den of modern society. Immediately judged and frowned upon.

How dare they?

This is a perfect example of how negativity can spread and direct reflection of modern day society.

We take this being who, in this case, has scissors for hands. Might be scary at first glance for some, but the lady said he was cool. Why not take her word for it? If that's the case, then, let’s ask this guy politely “what's his story?” I mean honestly, if you ever seen someone with a Ginsu set for fingers, I'd be intrigued, wouldn’t you?

I’ll continue. Edward unveils his talent after a short adjustment to suburban living and is immediately tossed into the limelight. Here come the opportunist. The snakes, the sharks, the ones who want to make a quick buck off of someone else's livelihood. Brainwashing soon occurs, negative elements surround this innocent creature. Why? Why could they just have accepted him and let him find his place on this earth. Why couldn't they let him bring joy and happiness to people around him by way of his artistic abilities? Who knows where he could have risen to and who he could have paid it forward to along the way? Who are we as society to rob any one of that? Who are we to judge?

The point I’m raising here: Just be people, and let people be.

We took this wonderful, untainted creature who had a beautiful opportunity to shine his light and be witness to beauty, crushed his spirit, demoralized his character, slandered his name because why!?! Our own insecurities? Our own fears?

Edward, this gentle being, we pushed him, and pushed him, and pushed him, into this primal animalistic outburst that ultimately led to the cutting off of the ballerina hedges' leg, the slashing of tires and not to mention the fatal stabbing of Kevin the jerk boyfriend that should have had his ass handed to him as a young adolescent by his mommy and daddy. (or guided in a proper direction, I myself don’t hit)

In my mind I believe there is a direct parallel between the acts of violence to Edward and the acts of violence human beings face daily. I wouldn't want to offend anybody personally by using an Edward ScissorHand reference in dealing with real life. But u have to admit, there are some parallels. And it's unfortunate that there are.

Because I see it that way

Here's where I propose the change.

The call to action.

We as a society are fed up, we need to work together for some common goal.

I want this to take place on a global level, it's going to take some patience and organization.

(Quick note: Global Level Goal- World Peace, think it over later, but think it over)