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This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a commercial for a brand new up and coming Bay Area business, who I believe are going to take off. But more on that later, this post is about the experience.

The shoot was a 7:00am call in downtown San Francisco.

First shots up by 7:20am, wrap on first location by 9.

Second location, 4 blocks away, City Park, near battery. Shoot is going as planned. Everything's on schedule. Wrap location two by 12:30 for lunch.

Head back to my car to change clothes for scene three. As I’m taking off my shoe I see Elle headed toward a small group of people across the street. I look down quickly to tend to my shoe but notice Elle's pace quicken. I slam my foot to the ground, forcing on my shoe, slam the car door shut and head over to see what Elle it running towards.

As i get closer the small group has risen to a few more, all surrounding an elderly gentleman who is hunched over on his hands and knees. Karyna (one of the actresses is now attending to the man), I see blood and immediately tend to Karyna to assess the situation. We get the man to sit on his rear end. He has a very large gash on his forehead an inch and a half above his left eye brow, its bleeding profusely. As soon as we get the man’s body position situated now resting on Karyna's knees while I brace the man’s neck with my right hand, I am instantly handed a large bundle of napkins which i place on the man’s gash and apply pressure.

I can notice the man breathing heavy, people on the scene are excited and adrenaline is pumping. I whisper in a low voice. "You're ok, we’ve got you taken care of. Try and relax. Breathe slowly for me, everything is going to be fine" I started breathing, as if to get the man’s breathing to match my breathing. It worked. I felt him ease up.

"You mind if I ask you your name sir?"

'No, not at all. My name is John"

"Are you in any pain John?"

"No, not really"

"That’s good, John. That's good.. My name is Eric by the way."

"Hi Eric"

"And this is Karyna behind you"

"Yes I’m sorry if I am kneeing you in the back, are you ok?"

"Oh, I'm alright, thank you two"

"Ok John, we're gonna sit tight and wait for the ambulance to show up. Someone has already called they should be arriving shortly"

Shortly felt like 20 minutes.. lol

The fire department shows up and relieves us of our duty. It felt great helping that gentleman. We wish him our best and told him we were praying for a speedy recovery.

On to location three, the cliff house trail overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Time: 2:00pm. Fog. No sign of the bridge. Cast and crew are all getting tired hiking to the location. We finally make it. We get on the cliff to set up. As if the heavens above wanted to reward us for a good deed with John, a Humpback Whale shows up to play. Jumping out of the water sending white waters shooting ferociously into the skies. As if that wasn't enough two, count 'em TWO pods of dolphins decided to grace us with their presence as well. Wow. It was truly a thing a beauty.

I love what I do.

Trestl Pt2 coming soon...

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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