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Fashion Salon #2 Roc Rio Collection by Rickie Lee

Walked in Rickie Lee's @rocrio.designs #FashionSalon tonight... and #Slayed!

It was awesome to be a part of such a wonderful event with a great group of individuals all living out their dreams, especially you Le Rickie!

I was inspired to see all the love and passion I witnessed tonight. Thank you again @mrfashiongigs and @tambusia (Tami Busia) for everything, I truly had a great time. . .

Not to mention the clothes were sooo fresh!! 👌 .

The place was dope. Set in the Heart of Oakland, a buzz was definitely in the air. The models all arrived on time and pleasantly all got along with each other. There was definitely a sense of support in the building.

Not to mention excitement.

As we neared the showing people filed in dressed to the nines. The beautiful attendees were filling the studio with laughter and cheer as the three piece band began to play the jams.

The mood was right, the place was packed, let’s do the damn thang and baby, we did.

Congrats again Rickie!

Why blend in? When it's much more fun to #BlendOut


Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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