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Stop Wars

In a galaxy far far away.. . Why not that galaxy be here?? On this planet, Earth our home and I don't see why right now isn’t a better time than any to collectively push for peace? There's more people connected than ever we need to use this technology to unite the masses to stop worldwide injustices on our planet. . Increase the #Peace! Stop the violence. We can get there. #Love is the way! I’m tellin’ you!

Love more, hurt less. Love yourself so that it spills on to others. Love, love and more love. Take care of you so you can take care of others. Service is the key. Pay everything forward. There’s more than enough on this world to provide for all, time to start giving a damn and spread the wealth.

We live in a time where war can no longer be tolerated. Haven’t they killed enough people? Hurt enough families? Destroyed and maimed the very place we all call home, Earth? Haven't enough innocent lives been forever altered by the horrors of war? We can do better. THEY can do better. I know we can. I know I can. There’s got to be a better way? I promise to continue do my best to help in the worldwide movement to increase the Peace till we reach a golden era of humanity where all is harmoniously in balance.


Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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