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A BART Ride to Remember

As I was riding BART today, looking around the train as people entered and left, I was so amazed and pleased to see so many different colors, creeds, skin tones, beliefs, religions, ethnicities, hair colors, eye, colors, ALL colors! It was truly a beautiful sight to witness. I swear the train I was on and the people in it, could have easily been a representation of every single race on our planet. I was smack in the center of the most diverse place in the universe. From all of my experiences thus far, standing in that train, felt like all of us were one. All heading to our destination somewhere in the cosmos, to share our gifts with each other, in peace. Let me not forget to mention “Come Together” by the Beatles was playing in my headphones. Pretty rad.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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