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Time Traveling- Back From The Future

Hello friends! It’s been over 6 months! Where has, the time gone? (I’ll tell you what- It doesn’t exist!.. but more about that later) Let’s catch up. Since we've last spoken, things have changed. The only thing constant is: change. My attitudes have shifted, my awareness has expanded. The more I think I know, I don’t know and vise versa, constantly streaming information from source. It’s everything around us. Energy. The life, The light. All of it. We are all a part of it. Like it or not, accept it or don’t. Once we let go of what we think we know, all fear, expectation and doubt only then will we become free.

When I began this blog, I didn’t have a clear vision. I knew I had something to say and needed to get it out there but didn’t know how or where to begin. You see, I am an observer. I watch things. I listen. I feel. I am very much in tune with the frequencies and vibrations around me. I’ve always been that way. I’m sure you are too. You understand perspectives and duality. The Yin and Yang, as Above, so Below. Those kinds of concepts are encoded in our DNA. Universal truths and Laws that all beings live by. We have just been desensitized by the conditions or environment we are placed in, the programming that have been passed down through generations. It’s not your fault, it’s not their fault, they didn’t know and if they did, who cares!?, Because now YOU know!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are a walking talking, breathing, living, miracle. The odds of you reading this message at this particular point in time are almost unfathomable. I mean, Think about it for a second just what it took for YOU, to be sitting or standing or floating, wherever you are reading this post from right now, just think how impossible of a journey you've already been on up until this point. May I take you on a ride for a sec? So here you are, reading this at whatever age you are, before I get started, first off let me congratulate you on making it this far, that’s no easy task, however old you are, you made it! Congrats! No easy feat. but wait? How did you get here exactly? I mean, not to this location, I mean here, in body?

You didn’t just appear out of thin air (or maybe you did) BUT the physical realm there was some sort of alchemical process that manifested for you to take on your human form (assuming you are a human is reading this. If alien, slightly different concept- The 2/3rds rule: email me if you want to speak on that, I know a guy). Back to human talk, let's get back to you.

So let me get this straight: You mean to tell me that you, some tiny little spermatozoa, fought your way against some of the fiercest currents in the human body against millions of other contenders and YOU came out victorious?? Wow, that’s quite an achievement. Congratulations again! That's two huge accomplishments in just this short time together. Please in all seriousness take a moment to really grasp the depths of this and congratulate yourself for making it.

Welcome back.

This is the beginning. You are now aware of your own journey to your existence. Now we can take it further, let's:

Just think now, that process of conception had to happen however many generations over to bring you here right now. Your ancestors had to not only be born but had to SURVIVE everything that was thrown at them, in order give and sustain life, for you to be here, right now, reading this post. 

And you think it’s not all connected? You need to hear how huge YOUR story is. You are not insignificant, no. You have a voice. You have a SOUL. You matter! You are somebody!

This post doesn’t seem so small now, in fact, it’s quite empowering. This could potentially have the ability to open up your thought process to free yourself from anything holding you down. If you view it in that light.  By gaining alternate perspectives you can free yourself from giving your power away to people or situations that no longer serve you. Coming into that awareness you must become vigilant in protecting your mind. When you fully accept yourself, when you embrace the miracle that is you, you will break free from all that tries to hold you down. 

Phoenix Rising

We are all reflections of each other at different points in time, connected to the one and it is not by chance. Sometimes we don’t get the message and need it delivered to us in a different way or explained to us in an alternate manner, let me tell you right now that you and only you are responsible for the messages and how they get to you. You set this all up not me. I’m just here doing my thing in some location lightyears away, but you are the one who truly manifested this information to come through, either in a positive way or in a negative way or maybe just to find your truth, whatever it is make no mistake, this is all you my friend. I want what you want- World Peace and Love.

Remember this always: You were conceived when the earth was. You were given life when life began. You are the spark, you are the light. The sun doesn’t care who it blinds, it just Shines. You need to do the same. Shine on my friends, have absolutely no fear, you are all powerful miracles. Step into your greatness.

At any moment, you may steer the ship in a new direction, you hold the wheel, you are the captain. Let’s go a few steps further: you are also the ship, not only that, you are the environment the ship is in, the waters it floats on, the winds that hit the sails. You control it all, nothing controls you.

After more than half a year of deep self-reflection, over 4 years of a complete lifestyle adjustment all while experiencing total life changing experiences, I intend to catch us up quickly with more frequent posts. I was looking at my previous post titled: “Take Back The Bay” and took notice to where my head was at during those times. It's very interesting to see the journey of the mind.

Since that post a very large shift has occurred spiritually, globally, universally. I am not who I once was, my spirit has expanded into other dimensions all while maintaining my physical self here in this material reality. I’ve seen what cannot be unseen, felt what cannot be unfelt and wish to share with all of you the awe-inspiring occurrences I’ve had the pleasure to witness this past 6 months. Forever learning, always growing.

Please stay tuned as now more than ever, is the right time to spread positive consciousness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to be a part of this magical journey.

Peace and Love to you and yours.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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