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It's always good to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect to yourself. I had something else written here prior to this, but after having a few days to mellow out I decided to take it down. It was not my style, a little too much to be honest. In short it was a story about how tech had failed me, or in fact I had failed myself by allowing tech to fail me, but what happened was:

 I ended up chucking my phone.. hard 😉😂

Symbolically it was like finally breaking away from a ridiculous object which seems to create such an effect on me at times in more ways than one, physically and mentally (I'll explain more later). I realize that in this day and age I have put myself in a position where technology is the medium used to record my ideas. As a creative person you know Ideas are everything and when they hit they sometimes come in waves and when you know they are good, they flood out. If you are lucky enough to record such moments of  brilliance you can then refine the ideas later to help possibly benefit the world around you. Well that's kinda what it was doing the other day.. I had a really great article to discuss and long story short my phone crashed.. ideas lost.. phone to wall...

(Didn't break btw. I'm typing on it now 😁)

Fast forward to a few days later.. right now.. I'm in a way better place. I wasn't like 'Hulk Smash' or anything, I was actually pretty calm and collected as I let it rip 88mph towards my closet doors. I mean I'd still chuck my phone against a wall no problem but the lesson of the day is: sometimes you gotta stay OG and write it out. Put it on Paper. ALWAYS. 

Phones are cool and all, technology is cool and all, but it don't run you.  You run you.

What I meant early by physically is: phones and screens and all of it put out frequencies and waves and let's just be honest with each other here, that shit goes through us. It's called a cellular phone. Cell-U-Lar. These frequencies  hit you at a cellular level so whatch out how much time you spend on these things. My grandma would always say, "too much of that stuff will rot your brain".. YEP.

Mentally: phones, social media, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram all of it. It's all a show, it's all opinions, it's all lies, and some truths, it's great, but dangerous at the same time. There's a lot of hate perpetuated and the little bit of love is few and far between. The powers that be use it to distract and divide. I need to take breaks now and then to clear out my mental, because I am an empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate human being who feels for the struggles of humanity. The breaks I take are to sharpen my tools for when I make my return. Because all of these things are just tools to make us better at sharing our gifts and connecting to each other through peace, love and synchronicity. Because we are all connected. We're all in it together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, 

If y'all wanna reach me here's my email so we can set up some sort of pen pal situation:

feel free to hit me up about whatever, my door is open. Peace and love to you and yours!

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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