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Bizarro World

I try to share enlightening post, uplifting commentary, positivity of all kinds, but the fact of the matter is that there is some real ugliness to this world and as a citizen of this planet I feel it is our duty to become aware and understand the world around us, as shared by ALL of us, in order to teach future generations the way to peace. Shouldn't we be striving to leave the planet in a better place than how we found it? That ideology seems to have been lost in translation or skipped over a few generations because the people who are in charge of the country at the present moment in time are sure leading it straight to hell in a hand basket. Yeah I said it. 

Who are we? What have we become? We've set up so many dividing lines amongst ourselves that we are forgetting the common denominator: we are all HUMAN. We all bleed the same color: red. Breathe the same air. We all live on Earth. We all sleep under the same stars. We all dream. Why am I better than anyone else? Why are you better than me? Why am I better than you? What is better? Who's the judge? Why does it matter?.. It doesn't. The only thing that matters is the experience, the connection. Don't you want a good experience? I do. I want the best experience. I'd love to live in a world of peace and understanding. Could you imagine the possibilities in a world where we all worked together to maximize each and every single persons potential? I'm rambling. I have a lot on my mind. I feel we've been lied to. The generations before us have been lied to. It's not necessarily a bad thing, I mean when you find the truth, you can now take the proper steps toward the path to enlightenment. That sounds rad to me. To be enlightened. To release the weight of the world and operate freely without question, full of love and grace. Blessing the world around you with every step you make, brightening everything you touch with your fingertips. We all carry that power within. We must teach ourselves how to get it back. We must remember who we are and what we come from.

Everything around us is set up as a distraction, you may look at it negatively, which will only lead to a negative realm of consciousness, or you may look at everything as a lesson. The lesson repeats until you can remove yourself from the situation objectively navigate a healthier outcome by raising your vibration. By vibration I mean your thoughts. Complaining is the worst. Stop it right now. You're alive!! Understand what you sound like when you complain. A straight downer. You don't wanna be a downer, you wanna be an upper. I'm not saying bad stuff doesn't happen, but how you handle yourself, more importantly, what you say to yourself in those moments will make or break you. If you dread doing something, more likely than not, something negative will show up to affirm your dreading. So don't do that. Things happen life happens. Allow yourself space to be open for what life has to throw at you. Protect your energy. Energy is everything. Frequencies don't lie. Vibes are real. It's ok not to show up, but you must show up if you show up.

This started off as a blog about The Bizarro World we are currently living in, especially here in the Inited States, but there is a way to beat this current paradigm and bring us back towards a golden era of humanity. Where children live without fear, adults create, build and bridge together positive consciousness, elders are respected and our leaders lead. There is a way. I'm working on it every single day. We will get there in my lifetime. I believe. Stay righteous. ✊🏽

World Peace. Love. 

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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