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On The Way To Supermanhood

On this Juneteenth I break free from social media. No longer will I be shackled by the chains of conformity. I’ve been engaging on social media (Facebook, now more instagram) for well over a decade and I can honestly say that my participation has not benefited my ascension to higher dimensions, contributed to my mental health or well being. You know what has, real life interactions with people and reading books. That’s it. I can sit here and bash social media but I won’t. There’s a ton of misinformation online and shared throughout the world as truths, then you have to debate your peers because they take a stance on a topic because they saw a meme or some info graphic swaying them in a direction without them haven’t actually lived through the situation. For instance, I got into a weird exchange with someone formally in my network over a situation that arose at Standing Rock. The media portrayed the water protectors as thugs, criminals and transients who wreaked havoc on the community.. FALSE. It was the enforcment tactics of a company and government hell bent on getting rich on oil who wreaked havoc on the people. This person having never stepped foot upon the soil at Oceti Sakowin Camp had taken sides with the media and the neglectful false commentary on the subject. I spent time there and were still in communication with folks on the ground throughout the duration of the Stand against the black snake. This world is crazy to me. It’s life and death out here. My girlfriend was just taken from me. She passed on April 29, 2018 from Her2+ Breast Cancer. This shit isn’t a fuckin joke. I used to feel that I can be a beacon of light on social media for people to visit me when they need to be uplifted etc. although I still feel that I can help heal the collective, I must do so on my terms. In the social media world no one gives a shit. You might get a like here or there but the truth is, the rest of the world isn’t ready to meet you at your level and you can’t force them either. It’s all about you. It’s not about anyone else. I felt I could have saved Maria. Somehow the hand of God would come through me and she would snap out of whatever she was feeling and be rejuvenated with life. Because I loved her and we were gonna build something in this planet. I felt that I can save the world. Now, I need to save myself. Even Superman gets beat up once and a while. I mean he died too(and was brought back to life). I gave up my powers to become a man, to live on this earth and love my “Lois Lane”. (Maria Natividad Cano 🕊) We loved each other so much. Till death do us part. Kryptonite peirced my heart the night she passed. I’ve never felt pain like that before. (Like this..) I huddled over her in tears as the light left the room. Broken. Devastated.


The kryptonite engulfed me. Superman no more. I tried to engage in social media. Clark Kent breaks the news. Likes, comments, etc. I’m very greatful, touched. Some know exactly what to say, others don’t try. Death is a funny thing. There’s so much to it, so many facets, some understand, some don’t, who really knows? So many questions? Why god? Why me? Why her? Oh God, her son. God? Why? Being without my powers has left me in a state of ultra vulnerability. My nervous system can’t take it any longer.  The loss of my love has rendered me depleted of the force. The mind creeps in. 

The frequencies of this confused planet start to penetrate my thoughts. My superpowers were stripped away when I gave them up for love. 

The only two ways I could function on this planet were: 1. With my powers. 2. In love.

I gave up my powers to be with her.

And now she’s gone. Back to the stars. God I miss her. I see her everywhere. I think about her all the time. It hurts God.

I don’t know what it’s like to be human anymore.

The pain is to real. The days have passed. Slowly friends and relatives have removed enough shards of the kryptonite within my heart for me to feel the suns warmth again. The beacon was sent, the call was answered. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I can sense it. I’ve mustered up enough strength to crawl my way back. When I’m strong enough to stand, I’ll walk. After I walk, I’ll run, after I run.. I’ll fly. But I Must.. keep.. going.. The fortress of solitude is near. 

Let go of this world and find yourself again.

It will be ok. The healing will begin soon. Deleted the Facebook account ✅ Deactivated my EricStevenPerez IG ✅ The EricFromTheFuture IG will be left on as a beacon. I’ve poured a lot of love, motivation and inspiration into that page, there’s a little something for everyone if you ever need it. 🔆 Sionara folks.

Entering the chamber now.

The crystal healing begins. I hope to see you on the other side.

Powers fully restored.

Superman once again. Forever sending Peace and Love to you and yours.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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