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The art of letting go

One of the most important processes of spiritual ascension, letting go is one of the most difficult art forms to master. I call it an art form because there is a gracefulness and beauty that comes with letting go. For myself, letting go in the past has always been difficult because of my habits of over thinking. My vivid imagination can get the best of me at times, but knowing that the mind can best me also gives me the awareness that I can best my mind. A truly difficult task but fairly simple at the same time. How so you say? I’ve found that connecting with my breath has been the best way to defeat the mind in thought. Find the breath. Ooooh! Listen to that sound! Find the breath. What’s that over there? Find your breath. Is someone calling me. Find the breath. Ugh I’m stressing out. Find the breath. Oh my goodness look how pretty this is. Find the breath. At each moment of clarity, when you connect back to your breath you are then connecting into the present moment. There’s a ton of tips and tricks to help you regain your focus and let go of the mind. Here are a few to try. 1. Whenever you feel like a Chatty Cathy or Ramblin’ Ron in your head and you have a conscience moment of doing so, connect to your breath. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Connect that sound to the ocean waves. Become the wave. In and out, let the breath calm you like the evening tide. 2. Carry rocks! I am a firm believer in the power of crystals and stones. All miners are the stuff we are made up with. And just like our personalities vibrate with similar personalities, out bodies molecular structures also vibrates on an invisible plane that we don’t necessarily see, but we sure do feel. Do yourself a favor and go to a crystal shop, don’t be in a hurry to buy, just feel it out. See what calls to you. Be open to the possibilities. 3. Get back to nature! Nature is the ultimate natural filtration unit of this Earth, take all to her and she will heal. She will wash you of your troubles and ease your pains. We come from earth at birth and return to her in death. She knows everything about us, our deepest darkest secrets yet she still shines for you. She cleans the air for you. She gives you water to drink, provides you food to eat. Keeps you warm with fire and cool with wind. Protects you with her own skin. She is everything you will ever need. Give all to her, without question. Give everything away. Let it go. 4. Ride the waves. Sometimes they are tiny and barely felt. Sometimes they are massive Mavericks, crashing down with unrelenting force. This too shall pass. Ride it out. Watch them come. Let it rain. Let it pour. Feel it. Embrace it. Absorb it. Love it. Get used to this feeling. Change is inevitable, it is the only constant in our realities. Learn to love it. 5. Meditate. See number 1. Rinse and repeat. I’m not perfect by any means, actually I am perfect. And so are you. We chose this reality to be the best version of ourselves, it’s up to us to make the right decisions and choices to get us there. Letting go of the past is a huge part of that process. What happened to you in the past doesn’t define you, it helped mold you into the person you wish to become. The past no longer exist, neither does the future. All we have is now. Take your hands off the wheel and let go. (Metaphorically) Trust that the universe is working in your favor. I love you. 

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