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People Get Ready

People Get Ready - Al Green

upon my review tonight 

i went back decades to the beginning. 

i traveled a lifetime within minutes, 

revisiting the hundreds and hundreds of encounters I have experienced during this incarnation. 

i saw each of you. 

i held your face momentarily in my minds eye. 

no matter what the circumstances where, 

i saw the good in us. 

i saw the lessons i’ve learned then 

and continue to learn now, 

with newfound insight, 


and perspective. i thank god 

for the amazing life i’ve had thus far 

i thank god 

for hand picking such a wonderful ensemble to accompany me throughout this journey. 

it is a blessing that we’ve made it to this point, 

it is purely a miracle. 

but for sure this was no accident. 

this is all happening for a reason. 

tests and lessons.

to make us better. 

to level us up.

i truly believe 

now more than ever, we’re all in this together. 

so please know, from the bottom of my heart, i pray for your successes in life.

i pray that you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams 

and most of all 

i pray for the health and well being for you and your loved ones.