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People Get Ready

upon my review tonight 

i went back decades to the beginning. 

i traveled a lifetime within minutes, 

revisiting the hundreds and hundreds of encounters I have experienced during this incarnation. 

i saw each of you. 

i held your face momentarily in my minds eye. 

no matter what the circumstances where, 

i saw the good in us. 

i saw the lessons i’ve learned then 

and continue to learn now, 

with newfound insight, 


and perspective. i thank god 

for the amazing life i’ve had thus far 

i thank god 

for hand picking such a wonderful ensemble to accompany me throughout this journey. 

it is a blessing that we’ve made it to this point, 

it is purely a miracle. 

but for sure this was no accident. 

this is all happening for a reason. 

tests and lessons.

to make us better. 

to level us up.

i truly believe 

now more than ever, we’re all in this together. 

so please know, from the bottom of my heart, i pray for your successes in life.

i pray that you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams 

and most of all 

i pray for the health and well being for you and your loved ones. 

people get ready,

there are big things on the horizon 

the universe is working in your favor. 

stay strong and know that 

there’s nothing you can’t handle 

continue to believe

god loves you always.

be kind to yourselves and one another

the day is upon us

a collective realization that

we’re all reflections of each other living different planes of existence 

at the same time, all fighting 

a similar fight. 

to live.

god gives the hardest battles 

to the toughest angels. 

you are the light. you are the love. 

you are peace and harmony.

all peace and love

forever  -EricFromTheFuture  

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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