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I usually don’t do this type of stuff but I need a break and I’ve been praying for this since the day I laid eyes on it. 

I’ve imagined myself there. I’ve felt the texture, smelled the fragrances, the clean crisp air.  

I’ve imagined Maria and I, alone in meditation looking out amongst the trees. I’ve imagined myself cleansing my spirit with the earths energies. I can feel electricity surge in my fingers.

A fire begins to spark within my core. Life swells throughout my entire being once again.

I finally feel alive again. I’ve longed for this. Everything I’ve ever imagined is absolutely possible when this moment becomes reality.

We will look back at this text and ask “how did he do it?”

And it will all be right here, written within in these text. Already encoded in your dna. A truth you only needed to see to believe and it was all done with the purest of love in my heart and an unwavering belief in God.

I’ve become unlocked, unbound. Free to create. A world of love. I swear, I’ll be smart and extremely generous with the winnings. I’ll make wonderful financial decisions that will help benefit myself, my family and entire community. I’ve planned this out. The blueprint is ready. Please God, I ask of you this one favor. Put this into play, so I can give it all away.

I no longer live within the confines of lack, I step into my divine right of abundance so that I may help restore the balance of this earth and help cultivate an era of world peace for all.

Maria my love, if you can help swing this... you already know. Forever and ever 🙏🏼🕊❤️

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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