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She Shines On..

Maria I see you in the moon.. 

My pink moon forever till the day we gravitate in orbit again. I miss your touch. The way you make my tides rise, or calm them in the same way, your touch.

It’s Magic.

A instant soothing ability, your hands could calm a raging storm within me. 

Electric fire raged within you as well. 

One touch from you, not even a touch, a look, thee look, and I was yours. Forever.

Passion, deep sensual passion. Tender Love. Cosmic.

The light you shined upon this earth still lights a path for me though dark days. I think of you often. I see your smile. I see the way you gently brush the your hair behind your ear, exposing the most brilliant lines flowing down your neck. How fabrics would lay so favorably upon your skin. 

The attention to detail, your selection of accessories that wonderfully articulated your spirit. Perfection my love. Absolute perfection. I still wear your perfume to help uplift my soul. It’s funny, the other day Dylan & Avery wanted to “smell pretty” so my mother caught them having a good time spraying each other. When I walked into my room later in the day a smile made its way back upon my face as the aroma of your essence uplifted my spirits. I swear you were there, you’re here. I feel bad at times like I’m holding on to you. It’s so hard to let go. We had everything in front of us my love. We built it all upon the blueprints of our minds, ready and willing to live out the plan together in real life. Everything is gone. All I have left is the moon. Our moon. We spent many nights together bathing in her light, wrapped in each others arms. Dreaming. Believing. Now I’m not quite sure about anything anymore. I know what Maria and I had was real. She was everything I could have ever asked for. And now she’s gone And I’m here staring at the moon all by myself tryna put the pieces back together again. I need a miracle. I pray for all who are suffering, I pray the world can heal from the trauma I pray for the children, I pray for the hungry I pray for the homeless I pray for the animals I pray for the earth I pray for my family and friends I pray for Maria. Thank you for taking the time to read anything I’ve posted since I’ve opened this page. I love you Peace be with you. 

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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