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A Pathway To Enlightenment

While walking the path of spirituality, I’ve been blessed to discover various ways to gain knowledge of the self. I‘ve looked deeper into the Bible for understanding, I‘ve studied a multitude of books, teachings and writings of the occult to piece together deeper meaning to our existence. Over many years I’ve stripped away layers of conditioned thought and programmed ways of thinking to arrive at a place where I currently stand with the view point that there is no right, no wrong, no good or bad, there just is, and it’s all God.

During this inward journey I was striving to rid myself of negative viewpoints of my past and open my potential to receive the future.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have many teachers during this time. I studied Reiki with the wonderful Sheryl Hodges, a first lineage Reiki Master of the Usui Natural Healing Method.

Through reiki I’ve learned the importance of focusing the natural healing abilities contained within the self to help rid the body of dis-ease. Channeling that energy has been a blessing and has opened my eyes to the natural powers each of us contain.

I’ve met wonderful people throughout this journey, my brother Santos Bonacci is a fantastic Syncretist who will blow your mind with the knowledge he possesses. If you ever get a chance look him up.

I will share a list of books I have read with you in a later post.

I am currently studying the Akashic Records. It’s absolutely fascinating thus far and I’ve only just begun to dive in. I’ve tried a few readings on myself and the information I have received has definitely sparked my interest and makes me want to dive deeper. My goal is to one day give reading for others to provide assistance to them on their healing journey.

Along this path I’ve had numerous readings done to me. A past life, birth card, Vedic and Cards of Truth.

Each of my readings were spot on. I’ve never been disappointed. I highly recommend getting a reading done if you want to gain a little insight to your personality and what makes you tick.

In no way do I think it’s dangerous or taboo to read your stars. God created all. If you look to the stars to manipulate a situation well then you are going to cause a ripple effect that may in turn add to your dharma or karma, if you are merely wanting some understanding in order to heal trauma or elevate your understanding of yourself or to help in your ascension then my all means get your cards read.

Knowing ones self, in my opinion, is absolutely essential.

I can provide you with a list of references if you are interested. Please feel free to reach out.

My beautiful fiancé Gina is a wonderful practitioner of the Cards of Truth system. I highly recommend visiting her website to book a reading or find out more.

With everything currently going on in the world, I believe now is the time to go within and find out just who you really are. There’s a million distractions out there pulling us further and further away from ourselves. With social media, mainstream media, TV shows, radio, podcast, sports, movies, schools, jobs, peers, you name it, it’s getting harder and harder to have a moment to yourself. So often we are out in situations where we automatically react. 9 times out of 10 our initial reaction is not how we would of wished to handle the situation causing regret or remorse. Leaning the multiple facets of yourself an slow down the world around you and help you achieve your highest potential.

I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be, there’s a lot of things in my past that I’m not proud of but I’ve made peace with that. Everything I’ve ever experienced has gotten me to this point and from here on out I try to embody my best self and do everything with love in my heart.

I Love You.

Peace & Blessings


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