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Full Circle In A Dream

After Maria’s transition to the next realm I was in a very dark space for a very long time.

For just over two years the depression ate me alive. I never thought I’d make it out nor did I ever imagine I’d be where I’m at today.

By the grace of God and his loving hands I received a blessing from Maria in the form of a dream to continue to live my life. It occurred soon after the second anniversary of her passing.

It was completely real. I can still see it to this day.

What I received from that dream instantly filled me up and gave me the strength to push forward.

I was to live life while I was still here on Earth and not let the darkness consume me.

A few months after the dream occurred I made a decision with the blessing of her mom and my mom to put myself out there.

It was the most uncomfortable decision I had to make but I did it.

I’ve always wanted to find someone to love.

Internally I never wanted to end up alone.

After losing Maria, that’s where I was. Alone.

But being alone was a blessing in disguise. I learned more during those few years than I ever did. In the sadness and pain I leaned how to love myself again and most importantly I learned what I really wanted out of life.

I wanted someone to spend the rest of my days here on earth. To grow and learn with someone and experience the world robustly.

I prayed on it for months.

and when the time came for when I put myself out there

God answered the call.

He brought me Gina.

This is the first time in my life where I’ve felt this way about another person on this Earth.