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Let’s Talk About Sex

(Sacred Energy eXchange)

Everything is sexual.

But not everything has to be physically sexual.

Sex energy is what created the world.

Talking can be sexual.

Learning can be sexual.

Exploration can be sexual.

But that type of sexual energy is essential for growth of the mind.

Physical sex is a completely different realm.

The fluids that we choose to exchange with a person however, is forever, protected or not.

The person we share that space with will always be in that space (and that’s not a bad thing it just is.)

So who are you letting in your sacred garden?

Once you take on a physical sexual relationship you take on your partners energy and they take on yours.

So who is your partner?

Have you been with them long enough to really know who they are?

Who are you?

Have you found that out yet?

Are you following your higher self, or are you submitting to societal pressure?

In today’s society everyone and everything is hyper sexualized and beautiful spirits all over the world are squandering their inner magic by sleeping around and not following their calling.

Having an understanding of the sacred space we share with people is something that needs to be taught to folks because nowadays sex is everywhere.

Physical sexual energy is something we need to hold on to, appreciate and cultivate.

Physical sex is cosmic sex.

And to abstain is key.

Men must retain their semen to raise the chrism and women must not let just any “man” into their garden because that space is sacred.

The vibrations and frequencies between man and woman must resonate.

Women have the power, they are givers of life and men must respect that always.

A woman should only invite or allow a person into that space when they feel they are ready, there should never be pressure on sex.

If you can’t stimulate your partners mind, you should have no part in stimulating their body.

There must be honor and respect between partners, not lust.

Love is not limited. It’s limitless.

And with the right partner, Love is forever.

Blessings, Peace and Love be with you.

(to be continued..)


Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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