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Loving Again

(A Healing Journey)

The hardest part about loving anyone is learning to love yourself first.

We might not know it but through our existence in this plane and experiences throughout our lives we have situational trauma or ancestral trauma that we must address and heal before we can fully love another.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to Love someone else without healing first, I’m saying that that loving someone else in a well rounded manner becomes easier when we heal our past and love ourselves unconditionall.

One way to speed up this process is to look in the mirror.

Explore the area in your consciousness that make you feel uncomfortable.

Why do those feeling arise?

what thoughts to you hold onto about the identity you’ve created for yourself?

can you release any negative ideas, comments or feelings about yourself or past occurrences that no longer serve you?

can you forgive yourself?

can you forgive others?

You can heal all of these blockages and you have the power within to do so.

Self analysis is key.

We often strive for perfection and sometimes come up short and even though we are not perfect, we are in the eyes of God.

And God Loves you no matter what you do.

His eyes are your eyes.