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The Beauty in Silence..

I was playing golf at Coyote Point with my Pops and our really good friend Dave Byron.

A quick backstory, our friend Dave is one heck of a fun guy to be around the epitome of a good time.

Lets just say when us three are on the golf course together, Officials on tour would be shaking their heads..

He might not be blood, but he's Family and we love him.

So back to the golf.

I was up at the tee.

I lined up my shot.

I pulled back slowly on my backswing

and unleashed (what I felt like) fury on the ball..

The sound was so intense from the collision, it echoed throughout.

Dave Byron immediately turns to me and says:

"DId you hear that???

The Earth became Deathly Silent right before you hit that ball,

it was f**king brilliant, deathly silent man, crazy!"

In that very moment hearing those words both soared my vibration into the Cosmos but brought me back to Earth at the same time.

Something amazing had just happened.

I didn't know quite what it was but I felt it.

It felt great.

Suspended Animation.

I'll never forget that sound, or lack there of.

It was beautiful.

Like time stopped.

The world stopped.

Just me

and the Earth

It was pretty wild.

I love this game.

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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