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I Pray.

On my path to God I’ve come across prayer. I’ve always known what prayer was. I might have even used it a few times as a child. But the older I got especially in high school and after I let go of this art form. I felt at that time I couldn’t pray. Especially pray for myself. I felt I never deserved anything better than what I had because I was already extremely lucky (which I now call “blessed”) for what I had. So I never did it. It brought me this feeling of guilt. The older I got and the closer to God I feel I am getting the more important I realize the power of prayer. And not for me. But for others. I pray all day everyday, I pray for everything and everybody. I still find it hard to pray for myself, But I pray. I had a wonderful vision one day as I was in meditation, sending off prayers to friends, relatives and loved ones, I felt surrounded. 

I felt Angels taking those prayers and whisking off to whoever was in my minds eye. It was beautiful.

I saw it vividly. I welled up with emotion. The prayers intensified, they began pouring out of me, now I was praying for everyone and everything. Good or bad, every single person who I’ve ever came across. I prayed for them. Their families and so on. Hundreds and thousands of prayers if not more. I prayed for the world. I prayed for the sun. I prayed for the moon. The wind the stars the ocean, I prayed for them. The animals, insects and plants, I prayed All life on Earth, Earth itself. I prayed. I prayed for you God. I wept, thinking about your position. How heartbreaking it must be to see the current state of the world. I prayed for Peace.

I prayed on a deeper level than ever before that day. And ever since that day, I’ve prayed.

Even now, I pray for peace. I pray for love. I pray for kindness and understanding. I pray for joy. In times I do not understand, I pray.

During times of struggle, I pray.

In the happy times too I pray.

I pray to change the ways that no longer serve. I pray to break patterns that hinder.

I pray to build new patterns and habits that benefit myself and my community. I pray to dispel curses.

I pray to heal all ancestral trauma.

I pray to let lower vibrational forces go.

I pray for righteousness. I pray for ascension. I pray for healing. I pray to heal the sacred feminine divine. I pray to heal the sacred masculine. 

I pray for the children.

I pray for our elders.

I pray for humanity to unite.