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I Pray.

On my path to God I’ve come across prayer. I’ve always known what prayer was. I might have even used it a few times as a child. But the older I got especially in high school and after I let go of this art form. I felt at that time I couldn’t pray. Especially pray for myself. I felt I never deserved anything better than what I had because I was already extremely lucky (which I now call “blessed”) for what I had. So I never did it. It brought me this feeling of guilt. The older I got and the closer to God I feel I am getting the more important I realize the power of prayer. And not for me. But for others. I pray all day everyday, I pray for everything and everybody. I still find it hard to pray for myself, But I pray. I had a wonderful vision one day as I was in meditation, sending off prayers to friends, relatives and loved ones, I felt surrounded. 

I felt Angels taking those prayers and whisking off to whoever was in my minds eye. It was beautiful.

I saw it vividly. I welled up with emotion. The prayers intensified, they began pouring out of me, now I was praying for everyone and everything. Good or bad, every single person who I’ve ever came across. I prayed for them. Their families and so on. Hundreds and thousands of prayers if not more. I prayed for the world. I prayed for the sun. I prayed for the moon. The wind the stars the ocean, I prayed for them. The animals, insects and plants, I prayed All life on Earth, Earth itself. I prayed. I prayed for you God. I wept, thinking about your position. How heartbreaking it must be to see the current state of the world. I prayed for Peace.

I prayed on a deeper level than ever before that day. And ever since that day, I’ve prayed.

Even now, I pray for peace. I pray for love. I pray for kindness and understanding. I pray for joy. In times I do not understand, I pray.

During times of struggle, I pray.

In the happy times too I pray.

I pray to change the ways that no longer serve. I pray to break patterns that hinder.

I pray to build new patterns and habits that benefit myself and my community. I pray to dispel curses.

I pray to heal all ancestral trauma.

I pray to let lower vibrational forces go.

I pray for righteousness. I pray for ascension. I pray for healing. I pray to heal the sacred feminine divine. I pray to heal the sacred masculine. 

I pray for the children.

I pray for our elders.

I pray for humanity to unite. 

I pray everyone feels and experiences real love.

I pray everyone feels no more pain and suffering. I pray everyone finds what they are looking for. 

I pray for humbleness. I pray in our humbleness, we be exalted.

I pray for excitement.

I pray for that feeling of winning the lotto.

I pray for a full heart, clear mind and strong spirit. I pray to unite with God to bring Heaven back to Earth. I pray to walk in the garden once more. I pray.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this precious moment in time, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the miracle of life, to write the words that flow through me from you. Thank you Father God for creating me, for creating the Earth and all life upon her. I realize the probabilities of me being alive at this very moment are one in a billion if not more and it’s an absolute miracle that I am here today to speak these truths. I humbly walk the Earth the rest of my days giving all Glory to you Holy Master, I am forever grateful, thankful and blessed that you have chosen me to be here during this incarnation to see, witness and experience your beautiful creation. I do not know where I’m going, nor what I am doing, but I trust you put me here to fulfill your divine plan and with that understanding I will carry myself with honor and live life in good faith. I pray for the continued clarity to hear you Father God and receive your messages. Please Lord Almighty grant me the strength in my heart and mind to stay on the path and fulfill my duties on this planet. 

Thank you God. In Christ name, AMEN! 

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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