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100 Pounds

In honor of my 8 years of sobriety and healthy living I decided to finally sit down and write this short story.

Long Ago, in a galaxy very much like our own, an adolescent Eric Steven Perez made the leap of faith into the unknown. Fresh out of high school where he excelled in social behavior the former starting Quarterback, Actor and Student Body President had the world at his fingertips. Battling with the thought of furthering his education or making a little extra cheese, young Eric chose the latter. He found himself working at Costco in the tire shop alongside of his now lifelong buddy. During this span of a few years Eric was introduced to the nightlife. He quickly turned to clubbing and bar hopping as an outlet. He began to club promote at 19 and started Bartending at 20. The lifestyle quickly took hold of our young friend and exposed him to such an ease of access and excess. To make a long story short, Eric quickly became tangled in the rhapsody of night living, the excessive lifestyle and became the norm and a once mild mannered youth was developing a taste for not only the flair but unfortunately the alcohol. From 2002 to 2007 Eric, who was a seemingly innocent teenager, exposed himself to the harsh realities of a party monster lifestyle turning into a young adult. Drinking and partying every single night became a job to him. 24/7 was the mindset, and if you weren’t about it, then, oh well. The situations Eric has placed himself in have been the tales you’d see on big screen movies. Everything you could imagine from fights, car crashes, car chases, stabbings, shootings you name it, his eyes have witnessed. Someone who essentially has had no clue about this type of lifestyle as a child, (aside from what he saw by listening to records or watching TV or Movies) was now living it daily. This was all by his choice and design. He needed to live it. He needed to see it. He needed to breathe it, in order to understand. It didn’t make sense then, but he understands now. 100 Pounds.

To be continued..

Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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